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Penn State: A world within a campus

The Student Government Association meeting last Thursday covered topics to benefit the student body, but discussion was dominated by the relationship between American and international students. 

More than 53k funded by Behrend for fall research

This fall, Behrend has funded more than $53,000 in undergraduate research for students from over 30 majors. The money for the Academic Year Undergraduate Research comes from the Behrend budget and is designed to motivate students to be more involved in faculty research projects. Annually, the college offers nearly $350,000 and each student is eligible for $2,600 in grant money. 

Delta Chi Fraternity pig roast

On Sept. 11,  the Delta Chi Fraternity organized one of the biggest annual events known on campus. Delta Chi is an international club that fixes its goal toward leadership, character, education and friendship. The members are very involved on campus and hold many service events, community services, and the biggest of all, always sponsor an annual Pig Roast event. 

Comedian Ryan Reiss comes to Behrend

Penn State Behrend’s Lion Entertainment Board presented the students with comedian, Ryan Reiss this past Friday at Reed 117. Based in New York City, Reiss is an opener for Late Night with Seth Myers.

Juicing: good or bad?

 Everyone, from your friends to A-List celebs, is professing their love for juicing.  Is this a good idea though?

Club Spotlight: Financial Management Club

The Finance Club was changed to the Financial Management Association (FMA) here at Penn State Behrend. The main reason for doing so is because this is an international association that allows students, as well as professionals, to network with a recognized global organization. The club will assist in the professional, educational and social development of college students interested in finance, banking and investments.

President Obama Addresses Nation: “We will…destroy [ISIL]

U.S. President Barack Obama announced the lifting of restrictions on airstrikes in Iraq and the authorization of direct attacks on the Islamic State (ISIL) insurgency in Syria in a nationally-televised speech last Wednesday. 

Firebird: restaurant review

Firebirds, which is located in the Millcreek Mall, feels as if you stepped into a fancy New York City restaurant and bar. The wood fired grill cuts everything in their kitchen, from steak to chicken to fish, and has a very extensive wine list.

Maroon 5 releases fifth studio album, 'V'

It’s hard to believe that after ten years of being together, Maroon 5 has just put out their fifth studio album, properly titled “V”(pronounced five).

Yakin' away

Yik Yak is a new app that has to be the best creation since Twitter. 

The sizable controversy of 'All About that Bass'

Meghan Trainor has risen to the top of the charts with her hit, “All About That Bass,” an anthem supporting full-figured girls in a catchy tune.

Robert Michael Pyle comes to Behrend

On Sept. 4, students and members of the community gathered in the Smith Chapel in order to hear the readings of Robert Michael Pyle, or “Bob”, as he introduced himself. The one-hour reading had a positive atmosphere filled with laughing and stories. Pyle read various pieces of his writings including poems, short stories and essays. 

Treat yourself: nachos

Can’t handle another Bruno’s sub? Want something more than Dobbins? Well, don’t worry – we have the solution for you: nachos. You can buy everything you need for this recipe right on campus.

Single & satisfied

Why people should embrace being single instead of dreading it. 

They're up all night to get lucky: Emmys 2013 from NPH to 'Breaking Bad'

Although Neil Patrick Harris qualifies for the so-called “Ryan Seacrest Center for Excessive Hosting,” that does not mean he should register. 

New ebola vaccine shows long-term immunity in monkeys

An experimental vaccine has given monkeys “long-term” immunity from the Ebola virus, according to the US National Institutes of Health. The experiments have shown immunity could last up to ten months.

Condom Casino

LEB promotes safe sex in a fun environment

Where did my show go?

Once again, it is that time of year when the television season begins airing new episodes of series and introduces a crop of rookie shows for our entrainment enjoyment. 

Samples of deadly toxins found unsecured in US labs

Scientists discovered six improperly stored vials containing samples of dangerous pathogens including ricin, the bacteria that causes plague and the bacteria that causes botulism.

How to categorize your closet: Apps that make style season that much easier

Apple now has apps that will both organize and inspire your closet.

"Orange Is the New Black" is our new addiction

Netflix's original series, "Orange Is the New Black," is the new addiction among customers. 

Summer TV preview: What to watch

By: Taylor Stephens, a&e editor

Gun control filibuster shot down

By: Adam Terragnoli, politics editor

Paradigm Shift Swings Society

By Erik Brown, sports editor

Club spotlight: Game Development

The Game Development Club is a club for people who want to make, play and critique not only video games, but games of all sorts.  The club consists of students who enjoy programming games. Interests stretch as far as students  who are interested in making and possibly publishing their own games. 

Bieber fever dwindles: Pop star makes friends with drugs and the law

An opinion piece on Justin Bieber and his continuing struggle with chronic stupidity.