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iOS upgrade features many new aspects

Posted on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 11:32 AM

Author: Imade oSifo & Justin Smith (Engineering Writers)

Last month, Apple unleashed their latest version of the iOS operating system. This time however, instead of the usual limited addition of features and fixes, iOS 5 looks like it will be bringing a vast list of over 200 features, along with a new way of viewing your notifications. 

In order to bring out the best of iOS 5, Apple brought together a lot of older and well-known apps for messaging and organization, as well as numerous other features that go as far as even allowing the volume up button to take photos when you are accessing your camera. It’s about time! The most noticeable feature of course would have to be the new design Apple put in for notifications.

If you’re like me, you hate getting stopped in the middle of an app to answer any and every text that comes by. Apple has now replaced the old pop-up routine with the new Notification Center. This feature houses all messages and notification your phone receives on a sleek textured grey layout, and can even provide you with live alert information like news and weather. The best part is it even extends to the lock screen, allowing you to see your notifications but not open them. Allowing you to see more while doing less.

Another useful feature you will find is the new iMessaging system Apple has implemented for all iOS devices, and is very similar to Blackberry’s BBM system. This cool feature will allow you to start a conversation on your Apple iPhone and continue it on an iPad or iPod touch. Unlike other apps this feature is only for iOS devices, so your Windows or Blackberry friends will have to make the switch first. 

Apple has even made an effort to make it easier to post and share on Twitter. Apps like the camera and youTube will now have Twitter integration. So putting up that picture from an unforgettable party or videos of you and your friends can be done easier than ever.

iOS 5 also added a nifty reminders app that allows your phone to remind you of things you need to do. What’s nice about this app is that you can set location-based reminders. What does this mean? When you are leaving or arriving at a location you can have your phone notify you that you need to go do something. 

Apple has also added a Newsstand application. This application allows you to keep all the magazines and newspapers you subscribe to in one convenient location and even auto downloads the latest issue for you.

One of the key new features for iOS 5 is only available on the iPhone 4S, for the time being. This key new feature is Siri, Apple’s voice control assistant. Siri allows you to ask your phone if you need an umbrella today or to send text messages to people all from one hands free application. This is probably the most talked about feature of the new OS as it is the most advanced built-in voice assistant on a mobile phone. 

Apple made many changes to their iOS operating system in its latest edition. There are many other changes that were made between version 4 and 5 but most of the other changes are under the hood or small in comparison to the ones mentioned.

On top of that, Apple’s goal looks to new everything. New lockscreen camera, new mail app, new reminders app, new game center and even a new stand, help give a little something for all ages to enjoy, and something amazing to look forward to.