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Miri does Erie, New York City coffee shop reviews

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2013 at 8:06 PM

Author: Miri Ohashi (staff writer)

I love dining. I love the whole experience that comes with it: the ambiance, the service, the aroma. For a long time I believed that New York is the only place that could give me that ultimate dining experience I crave. Having worked in a boutique store in Soho, New York every weekend of my high school senior year, adjusting to quiet and subdued Erie seemed like a challenge, but I could be wrong. Erie may be quiet, but what adds significance are the small findings that are hidden amid piles of snow and other well-known, but overly commercialized franchised eateries.

Erie’s best hidden treasure can be found on West Eigth Street, right next to Romolo Confectionary. Cocoa Café is a quaint place where professional baristas will blend the perfect indulgence just for you. Add a touch of fresh steamy milk, or a hint of spice, and you will enjoy frothy beverages along with perfectly crafted chocolates, ice cream and so much more.

The relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere turns head of many customers who seek a little get away from their daily hassles. Customers are free to enjoy whatever they wish to fill up their precious relaxation time at Cocoa Café. All patrons, if they wish, can mix a little work with pleasure, as Cocoa Café offers complimentary Wi-Fi. If it’s a little subtle romance you seek, you can share an intimate afternoon sipping on macchiato with that special someone. 

I look forward to sharing my encounters and encourage you to approach your visits to the unique places that Erie has to offer, like a treasure hunt. It may be a café; a restaurant; a specialty store or anything I have discovered to be a place that you should know about. I hope you find your very own “diamond” through out this journey and have an appreciation for what you have as I have. Remember, it’s those little things that add color to your blossoming canvas called life…

It’s the bold yet subtle red sofa. The sophisticated dark brown décor. The dim light stand. The wall-full of books.... and the final touch lies in the hands of artisans, creating their master pieces called chocolates. 

Having a place to calm down and get away from the college environment every so often is important for me. Romolo is my go-to destination for some elegant alone time to read magazines, a good book, or get a little taste of home by skimming over The New York Times. If you decide to visit, I highly suggest ordering chocolate dipped strawberries at the chocolatier first. Romolo’s chocolates are world class, and are famous for their melt-in-your-mouth sponge candy. Their signature coffee blend can be purchased by the bag as well. Happy Diamond hunting!