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SOS Condom Service

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 3:26 PM

Author: Puja Mazumder (news editor)

Tired of rummaging through your belongings in hopes of finding a condom to satisfy your sexual desires? Durex has launched its new app, “SOS Condoms,” which discreetely brings condoms to your location within the hour.  According to the description, the service delivers “whether it is day or night.” This app hopes to serve those who are caught in the heat of the moment with no convenience stores open at the time and no other ways of access to condoms. Currently, in order to use the free delivery service, customers must buy a minimum of a 12-pack of condoms. For those who are interested in using the service, it is unfortunately only available in Dubai. However, depending on how popular the service becomes, there is a possibility it may start branching out to further locations. Until that time, you will just have to make sure to keep a secret stash of your own condoms to prevent your unwanted saplings from being born.