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Think about International Business

Posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 11:22 AM

Author: DAVID NGUYEN (Business Writer)

The first semester of the year is approaching an end. Sophomores at all Penn State University campuses have to decide on a major by Jan. 2, 2012. 

The Sam & Irene Black School of Business offers many business majors to the Behrend community such as finance, accounting, supply chain management, martketing, etc. 

However, a major that is only offered at Penn State Behrend is the international business major.  

The international business major is a major that is designed to prepare students to have a clear understanding of the global events in the world and to apply their knowledge and skills that are needed to conduct business in an international setting.

Dr. Ken Louie, who is the Department Head of the International Business program, emphasized that “Students will study the global events of the world and the cultural aspects of society, in order to become better decision makers in the future.”  

The international business program encapsulates political science, economics and the sociology of certain nations all into one program. 

Students will have to take four core international business classes; International Economics, International Finance, International Management and International Marketing. 

In addition, students will be required to take 15 credits of their choice in foreign language and cultures. Dr. Louie recommends students to look into what part of the world that they’re most interested in and identify which country they aspire to study more about.

The foreign languages that are offered here at Behrend are Spanish, German, French and Chinese. 

Chinese is a new class offered on campus and students can take Chinese for international business (IB 497D) in order to have a better understanding of the Chinese market, especially since China has become a leading economic power in the last decade. 

Lastly, students must study abroad in order to fulfill all requirements of the major.

Students from Behrend have gone all over the world including Spain, Rome, Costa Rica, Singapore, etc.  Dr. Louie mentions that this is a rewarding experience for students because they’re applying the fundamental concepts they’ve learned in their foreign language and cultures classes in order to fully understand the nation they’re studying about. 

If you’re looking into the International Business program, you must choose another major that coincides with International Business. 

This is can be seen as strenuous task for students especially when they have to study the global events in the world but also have a clear understanding of another major such as economics, or marketing.  

However, Dr. Louie has made a devotion to advise his students in the program with their scheduling of classes in order for them to finish in four years. 

But most importantly, students will be well prepared in the workforce with a clear understanding of the global trends and cultures of the world but will also able to apply them in a business setting with their knowledge of another business major.  

The results show that many graduates of the program are working for top companies and businesses in the world such as Alliance Bernstein, Gap, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Eaton Corporation. 

For a business student that is interested in learning about the cultures and dynamics of another nation, this major is fitting. On Jan. 2, 2012 the graduating class of 2014 will have to make an essential decision on a major to study.  

Whether it is finance, accounting or international business, students should identify their strengths that align with their devotions and make sure the benefits are worth the amount of effort and time they put into their four years at Penn State University.