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'Late Night with Seth Meyers': The 'SNL' star's thoughts on taking Fallon's place

Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Author: Nick DeMarco (staff writer)

The final episode of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” aired last Friday and Fallon is now heading to the “The Tonight Show” to take over Jay Leno’s spot.  That leaves “Saturday Night Live” writer and comedian Seth Meyers as the new host of “Late Night.”  However, in order for this move to be made, Seth Meyers had to give up being the “Weekend Update” anchor and writer on “Saturday Night Live.”  He doesn’t have to move that far, considering his new studio is literally down the hall.

Leaving “Saturday Night Live” was emotional for Meyers. He got a grand send-off from some of his past interview characters and from Amy Poehler on the “Weekend Update.”  Although he will miss his work at “SNL,” he is highly optimistic for his new show and he has lots of ideas in store.

The new “Late Night with Seth Meyers” will almost be like the “Weekend Update” in a sense.  His show will be divided up into two interviews, similar to Fallon’s show. However, one of those interviews will be with a real person, and the other with a fictional character.  It’s clear through “Saturday Night Live,” that Meyers is pretty good at interviewing imaginary people.  Just look at his history with “Weekend Update.”  The show will also open with a monologue and two to three comedy bits thrown in for good measure.  Meyers said that he is not trying to bring whole parts of “SNL” to the show, but he is making “reminiscent of it.”

It has been announced that “SNL” alum and former “Weekend Update” co-anchor Poehler will be Meyers’ first guest when the show airs on Monday, Feb. 24.  Poehler has been a mentor to Meyers since he started his gig at “SNL.”  Meyers plans to bring on your typical “showbiz” guests that make their rounds to the east coast. He also plans to bring on quirkier guests, or guests one would expect to see on a “Late Night” show, including Chris Christie and Bridget Anne Kelly. Meyers also plans to bring on stand-up comedians and bands too.  When he was in his hometown of Chicago promoting the show, he said, “It’s all about being funny and good.” 

With a writing team that consists of some members of the previous “Late Night” and some other comedic writers, Meyers plans to make “Late Night with Seth Meyers” a comedic knockout. The show will premiere after the end of the Olympics.