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Rooted in Erie: Local Rapper Heresy and Michael J. Milano, writer of “American Stable”

Posted on Monday, March 19, 2012 at 11:48 PM

Author: Jess Scutella (staff writer)

Timothy Lockett is not your typical Erie resident. He is a man with ambition and a very impressive talent. Ever since he was 12 years old, he has been writing. Now, at age 23, he became a hip-hop artist (stage name Heresy) with quite the buzz around the Erie area. He has two mix tapes (titled Awakening and Rough Draft) and a full-length album he just released titled “Man of Tomorrow” as well as dozens of unreleased tracks. Some of the best lyricists of all time including Eminem, Canibus, and Joe Budden have influenced Heresy. He is starting what he refers to as a “revolution by movement” with the catch phrases “How do you feel?” as well as the “Feel Real movement.” Heresy’s goal as an artist and with this movement is to shed a different light on the hip-hop genre, to remove the focus of guns, drugs and materialism from the music and replace it with honesty, personal lyrics, feeling comfortable in one’s own skin and self-expression in a creative way. He has carved out his niche in the game by rapping with high intensity, making energetic live performances, and utilizing very fast-paced flows.

“Man of Tomorrow” is a fierce collaboration of maturing acknowledgement and cynical outlooks. There is absolutely no stone unturned as Heresy (Tim) lyrically expresses and explains his demeanor and complicated life through jaw-dropping rhythms and hypnotic beats that carry the melodies. Each song puts you deeper into his life, further into his dark diary, and wanting more in the end. Compelling and mesmerizing melodies swim you through each track, creating some kind of pessimistic, melancholy atmosphere that takes you away from your world. Not only is “Man of Tomorrow” the name of the album, but it is also the prospective anthem that Heresy declares himself to be, it has an empowering feel and shows that change is coming. 

The Tri-state area is not providing the appropriate amount of light on its hip-hop scene, so allow this article to be a driving force of illumination. Be about it.  

A New Age/Avant-guard/ Post Apocalyptic Trilogy takes place following the Great Eclipse of 2012, and builds on what today’s society accepts as normal. Michael Milano, a Erie born fellow, has found the time within the averagely, insane run-around of college life to write this awesome three part epic. In the first part, the main protagonist, Michael Chiaroscuro (Seeker), is presented by ‘The Muse’ with the task of writing a novel that will not only define the modern day American generation, but also more importantly, preclude the next generation from making the same mistakes. Written in three epic parts, Milano is bringing together hundreds of characters, ideas, and conflicts through a new type of format. He has stated that this is a controversial trilogy that pokes at the conscious of contemporaries and Gen Y. In different fashions, he unveils waves of discord through subplots, newspaper articles and journal entries. It is almost too easy to relate to the unnerving normality of Milano’s perspective on this generation.  

There are multiple levels of attraction for any type of reader in this first installment of The American Stables. One is the social media ties that he includes with daunting statistics of American communication and connection. In a propagandistic world, we cannot deny these numeric representations of our everyday lives, and Milano sure does not let you forget this. Besides the blue highlight, they are ingrained in the work like little jabs at your brain. 

Another interesting aspect of this first installment is the use of fictional news headlines that open the book. These news blips give you glimpses into the destructive and confused future through the eyes of people that are “anonymous” besides there first name, which oddly recur and parallel a certain collection of followers. Following these clips, the Seeker’s character development through a personal diary and Part one proceeds. 

The story is entwined with gritty human discourse and environmental descriptions. However, do not forget the consistent jabs of social ties, numeric representation, and, every once in a while, a brief news blip from the anonymous apostles. 

This is only a brief glimpse into the first installment. 

Support your local independent artists, for they create the world with but a grain of sand. Be about it.