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Gary Johnson, who?

Posted on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 12:58 AM

Author: Alec Italiano (managing editor)

As the Republican presidential nominee battle continues to rage on, and with no apparent competent candidate emerging, I started digging for a candidate that would be an alternative to Obama’s re-election. This is how I found Gary Johnson. Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico (1995-2003), was bidding for the Republican backing with a “common sense” campaign that was based more on cost-benefit analyses than ideology before being forced to change his party to Libertarian. He is also an avid adventurer climbing four of the highest peaks on seven continents (including Mt. Everest) and competing in the eight day TransAlps mountain bike challenge in Europe.

Oddly enough, he was never invited to the debates even though he had 2 percent backing in national polls, the requirement to be invited to the CNN sponsored GOP debate in New Hampshire. The only versions of polls where he did not meet the 2 percent benchmark were in early polls that included candidates such as Sarah Palin and Rudy Giuliani, candidates that were not serious in running.  It is also interesting that in the past CNN has made exceptions to this 2 percent rule, most notably in 2007 when allowing Mike Gravel to participate in a similar debate even without the sufficient polling criteria.  This all equates to fishy activity in CNN’s headquarters.  Other past presidents such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton were polling at 1 to 2 percent at the same point in their campaigns. They were also governors of small states and had low national exposure.  So why had CNN so obviously prevented Gary Johnson from being invited to the debates?

Johnson is not your average politician for starters.  He has very unique ideals that scare away the typical conservative.  Ideals such as legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana, ending the wars overseas and taking a neutral stance on gay and lesbian rights.  The truth is that the libertarian wing of the Republican Party makes up a significant portion of the party (approximately 20 percent), but in the two-party system that America has in place, there is no room for a candidate like Gary Johnson to be heard.  He has since combated this suppression by running for president on the Libertarian Party’s ticket, seemingly the only option he had left after being shunned by the GOP. 

While The LP has grown in recent years and is the third largest party in America with 146 Libertarians currently holding positions in elected office, it has nowhere near the firepower (not to mention monetary power) that either the Democrats or Republicans possess.  The LP has the perspective that the government has gone crazy with spending and control over markets.  Libertarians argue for freer markets that do not include tax-money being subsidized to wealthy corporations that result from political corruption.  Within the last decade, McDonalds was given $1.6 million of tax payers’ money to help advertise Big Macs in Europe.  Other examples of this corporate welfare scam are also seen in companies like IBM and GE who have received $1.4 billion and $671 million respectively in recent years.  This proliferation of money only makes the rich richer, and wastes the money that hard-working Americans so vehemently earn.  The LP also believes that American law enforcement is more or less “out to get you,” spending money that violates personal privacy instead of officers focused on protecting the population.  This accompanies ending the War on Drugs that many stereotypical Republican “war hawks” disagree on in fundamental levels; another possible reason that Johnson was not invited to debates.

To me, Johnson is a clear candidate for presidency based on his track record alone.  Johnson started his own construction business to pay his way through college and has since built up that business to over 1,000 employees, and he takes that business sense with him to office. He has simplified New Mexico’s government while creating 20,000 jobs and is only one of four states that have a balanced budget.  He has also vetoed 750 bills while governor; more vetoes than all other governors combined.  Johnson shows that he has the courage to stand up to corruption and put America back on track.  Needless to say, I know who is getting my vote in the upcoming election.