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Time to clock in...

Posted on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 10:45 PM

Author: Abiye Okujagu (staff writer)

Time is of the essence. That’s exactly what I told both my brother and sister two weeks before my midterms begun. I needed to study, revise and make personal study guides and flash guides in order to avoid pulling an all-nighter a day before my midterms started. And then they understood why I couldn’t Skype with them for an extensive amount of time and bade me farewell.

I minimized my Skype page and then went on to log into my Facebook page along with my Tumblr and Wikipedia. Was time really of the essence? In these two weeks prior to my midterms, I read two books, caught up with TV shows I was behind on, perused retail stores online and went to Washington, D.C. with some friends over the weekend. I did everything but study for my midterms. And without a doubt, I was up all night the day before my first midterm and then was up late into the night just before my next midterm. You see this is nothing new for me. It’s been happening since high school, and it’s is a terrible habit I’ve been trying to curb.

As college students, do we really not have time, or are we just poor utilizers of time? We all have different things going on from practice to social events to the meetings in which these events are planned. But when we aren’t in class or these extracurricular activities, are we utilizing our time wisely and to the best of our capabilities? Are your study groups more like social gatherings rather than actual study sessions? 

I want to say it is easy to use time better or that making a schedule works, but it isn’t, and a schedule doesn’t work best or at all for a lot of people. One key thing to know is that everybody has a time when they’re highly functional as well as a place where they study best. This time frame has to be utilized to the maximum. For me, it is certainly not when the day breaks and the cock crows; I do most of my work at night. I might spend an hour or two staring pointlessly at my notes before I actually start studying. And because I’m highly aware of this wasted time, I allow myself the leeway for it. It’s as bad as habits get and is something I’ve been working on. Month by month and week by week, I’ve gradually reduced my wasted time. Just because your friends are trotting off to the library in the morning and supposedly studying for hours doesn’t mean the same thing will work for you.